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Sympathy Etiquette - Miami & Hialeah Free Sympathy Flower Delivery

Don't know what to say to express sympathy? When offering condolences, it can be hard to know just what to say. With sympathy flowers in Miami you will always know how to express your feelings of compassion and concern for the bereaved.

Sending flowers is a meaningful gesture that can provide comfort to those who are grieving. Adding a personal note or “we are thinking of you” message with the flowers would be especially treasured. 

Sympathy floral arrangements and designs have been a part of funeral and memorial traditions in almost every civilization throughout human history.  Funeral Flowers add kindness, loveliness, and decorum to the service and, for many, a symbol of eternal life. There are typically two occasions when you would send sympathy flowers.

In the first instance, you may choose to send sympathy flowers to a viewing, memorial, place of worship, or funeral service, adding a touching tribute. The type of flowers you choose can express your feelings. 

Another area that would be appropriate to send flowers is the home or office. This can be a nice gesture to honor a colleague or friend. Plants and dish gardens are a nice gift that will last for months, or even years, as a token of remembrance.  


Q:  Any alternative to flower arrangements that may seem too “funeral looking?”

A: Although mostly traditional sympathy arrangements are still requested in most parts of the country, at Flowers by Pouparina we are delighted to create one of a kind floral tribute that is unique, artistic, and appropriate for the occasion. These more contemporary floral designs, using a distinctive variety of flowers and containers, provide the family with the option to take them home, give to close friends, or deliver to hospitals, nursing homes, or places of worship after the service, viewing or mass celebrated in Miami.  At Flowers by Pouparina in Hialeah we offer many options. Dish Gardens, Green & Blooming Plants and even European Gardens are among the most popular to honor our loves ones at home, office or a memorial site.


Q:  What about “in lieu of flowers” in the deceased notification - is it still appropriate to send flowers?

A:  Because flowers help you say what is often hard to express, there are always suitable and in good taste.  Many people want to express their heartfelt sympathy and show respect for the deceased in different ways: Food, Fruits and Gourmet Baskets, Charitable donations, provisions, aid and support, cards and flowers sent to the family’s home or to the funeral service. Floral Blooms always play a useful part, adding beauty and warmth to the service and providing the visible emotional and touching support that the closest relatives in distress need during this hard time. Funeral directors say that most people do not want a service completely devoid of flowers.      


Q: On the other hand, do some flower arrangements look too “joyful” for a funeral?

A: Usually not.  A funeral service is a way to pay tribute but also is a moment of celebration for someone’s life, and cheery, bright and colorful flowers are a significant portion of this homage.  In addition to adding beauty to an otherwise solemn and sober occasion, flowers provide a comforting diversion - something to talk about or look at during the visitation. But ultimately is up to the family members to decide if they want the presence of cheerful colors or a more muted look for the Sympathy Floral Designs in Miami or Hialeah.


Q:  I want my arrangement to be different & special, can you customize it?

A:  We will absolutely follow your lead to customize your Sympathy Flowers in a way that describe the diseased personality, profession or hobby. At Flowers by Pouparina in Hialeah we custom hand-make original floral designs far from traditional funeral Arrangements, a unique floral piece that will speak volumes of the deceased passion, preferred colors, vocation and life, even a special decor or accent that would bring out your special relationship with the deceased.



Q: We are sending Sympathy Flowers on behalf of a whole group - what do you recommend?

 A:  When sending flowers on behalf of a large group, like children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors, friends, business associates, and membership clubs make sure these arrangements have an address and contact information on the card so the family can send a Thank You note to the senders.

These arrangements are usually larger in size and abundant in flowers since it represents a large group of well-wishers.


Q:  Cremations are lately a widely used practice. What Sympathy Arrangements are more appropriate in this case?

A:  Regardless the type of funeral service the family chooses, a harmonic and balance floral arrangement pays tribute to a deceased. Whether it is a traditional burial or cremation, just make sure is a nice piece. Since cremation services take less time Flowers by Pouparina can create a tastefully done floral tribute that can be taken home to continue to emotionally soften the grieve.

Some Floral Pieces are design to be display in a planter urn to which we can add flowers around as well. You can bring the planter urn or vase to us and will decorate it.


Q:  I just found out about the death and the funeral is over. Is it too late?

A: It's never too late to express your condolences to the family of the deceased, even if you found out a week or a month later. At the moment of knowing expressing your sympathy through flowers is a very common and effective way to communicate your heartfelt concern and send a message of solidarity to the grieving family members. In fact, research shows that bereaved family and friends appreciate being thought of in the weeks or months after the funeral. Flowers or Plants received at the house after the tough times around the funeral can be a reassuring and comforting, it shows that your friends remember you and support you, this is always a welcoming message.





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