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Caskets Sprays and Casket Lids

If you're looking for the best sympathy flowers in both design and price, you've come to the right place. Our Casket Flowers Sprays collection in Miami and Hialeah offers a wide selection of stunning arrangements that are designed to pay tribute to your loved one in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Our Casket Sprays and Casket Lids are specially designed to adorn the casket with a stunning array of flowers, making it a fitting tribute to the memory of your loved one. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color palettes, these arrangements can be customized to suit your preferences and budget.

In addition to their beautiful appearance, each of these arrangements carries a symbolic meaning. Casket Sprays are typically shaped in a curved or circular form, representing the circle of life and the ongoing journey of the soul. Casket Lids, on the other hand, are typically rectangular in shape, symbolizing the earthly plane and the journey of the body.

Our staff will take care of handling and delivering your Casket Flowers Sprays to any funeral home or church in Miami and Hialeah, ensuring that your arrangement arrives in pristine condition and on time for the service. Let us help you honor the life of your loved one with a beautiful and fitting tribute.

In addition to our stunning casket sprays and casket lids, we offer a variety of options to enhance and complement your funeral arrangements. You can combine your flower casket spray with standing sprays or baskets to place on the sides of the casket, creating a more complete and cohesive display. Our expert florists can work with you to create a customized arrangement that perfectly reflects the personality and spirit of your loved one.

If you prefer a more comprehensive package, we also offer a range of sympathy packages that include casket sprays, standing sprays, baskets, and other arrangements. These packages are designed to provide a complete and affordable solution for your funeral flower needs, while still offering the highest quality and attention to detail.

At Flowers by Pouparina, we understand that choosing the right funeral flowers can be a difficult and emotional process. That's why our compassionate and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to help you through this challenging time. We offer convenient delivery to local funeral homes and churches in the Miami and Hialeah areas, ensuring that your arrangements arrive on time and in pristine condition.

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Calid Color Flowers Sympathy Casket Spray in Miami & Hialeah

Product Code: POU-SF094-11

From $ 179.99 - $ 264.99

Purple and Lavander Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF041-11

From $ 279.99 - $ 394.99

Exotic Flowers Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF051-11

From $ 249.99 - $ 279.99

Colorful Half Couch Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF105-11

From $ 249.99 - $ 399.99

Deluxe Pure White Casket Spray - Full Couch

Product Code: POU-TF195-3

From $ 349.99 - $ 459.99

Autumn Faith Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-TF210-1

From $ 194.99 - $ 329.99

Colorful Flowers Sympathy Casket Lid

Product Code: POU-SF135-21

From $ 194.99 - $ 294.99

Blue and Orange Cascade Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF134-31

From $ 179.99 - $ 289.99

Amethyst and Ruby Half Casket Spray Lid

Product Code: POU-TF205-1

From $ 339.99 - $ 449.99

Amethyst and Ruby Hinge Spray

Product Code: POU-TF205-3

From $ 129.99 - $ 224.99

Animal Kingdom Baby Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF046-11

From $ 169.99 - $ 249.99

Blooming Red Roses Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-TF209-4

From $ 239.99 - $ 399.99

Blue, Lavander and Purple Flowers with Hanging Ribbons Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF022-11

From $ 259.99 - $ 399.99

Calid Colors Half Couch Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF134-21

From $ 164.99 - $ 294.99

Blooming Glory Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-TF199-7

From $ 194.99 - $ 229.99

Eternal Hope Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-TF204-3

From $ 259.99 - $ 369.99

Eternal Spring Half-Couch Spray

Product Code: POU-TF197-1

From $ 229.99 - $ 329.99

Full Couch Lid Spray Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF070-80

From $ 324.99 - $ 424.99

Green and Lavander Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF135-11

From $ 319.99 - $ 439.99

Green and Roses Half Couch Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF121-11

From $ 179.99 - $ 299.99

Green and White Flowers Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF115-11

From $ 264.99 - $ 394.99

Pastel Colors Family Collage Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF085-11

From $ 194.99 - $ 329.99

Pink, Red and Lavander Flowers Cross Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF054-11

From $ 299.99 - $ 329.99

Pure White Casket Spray - Half Couch

Product Code: POU-SF94

From $ 224.99 - $ 384.99

Purple and Lavander Funeral Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF019-11

From $ 239.99 - $ 374.99

Red carnations full couch sympathy casket

Product Code: POU-SF073-11

From $ 184.99 - $ 324.99

Roses and lilies flowers half couch sympathy casket spray

Product Code: POU-SF057-11

From $ 199.99 - $ 329.99

Salal Leaves, Fern and Buttons Sympathy Casket Blanket

Product Code: POU-SF134-11

From $ 1,399.99 - $ 1,434.99

White Easter Lilies Flower Casket

Product Code: POU-Sf 003-11

$ 494.99
$ 699.99

Skating Board Sympathy Half Couch Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF078-11

From $ 194.99 - $ 359.99

Summer Sentiments Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-TF203-2

$ 234.99

Tennis Player Custome Motive Sympathy Casket Spray with Red and Orange Flowers

Product Code: POU-SF069-11

From $ 264.99 - $ 394.99

Love of Country - Casket Spray

Product Code: POUSP0516

$ 194.99
$ 284.99

Triumphant Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-TF200-1

From $ 174.99 - $ 204.99

Tropical Paradise Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-TF213-1

From $ 224.99 - $ 254.99

Uplifting Thoughts Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-TF202-4

From $ 229.99 - $ 329.99

Vibrant Summer Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-TF202-1

From $ 199.99 - $ 329.99

White Flowers Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF005-11

From $ 244.99 - $ 354.99

White Gerberas Sympathy Blanket and White Calla Lilies and Anthuriums Casket

Product Code: POU-SF009-11

From $ 1,399.99 - $ 1,850.99

White Orchid Spray

Product Code: POU-TF212-1

From $ 249.99 - $ 279.99

Yellow Flowers, Candles and Rosary Sympathy Casket Spray

Product Code: POU-SF101-11

From $ 294.99 - $ 484.99

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