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  • Sacred Duty Spray - Flowers by Pouparina

Sacred Duty Funeral Standing Spray

Sacred Duty Funeral Standing Spray

Product Code: POUSP0616

$ 134.99 $ 149.99


Standing tall and proud, this magnificent free-standing spray stands as a symbol of unwavering patriotism and heartfelt tribute. Like a breathtaking fireworks display composed of graceful flowers, it captures the essence of celebration and remembrance.

Every element of this dazzling arrangement is meticulously chosen to create a truly awe-inspiring sight. White lilies and snapdragons exude purity and grace, while blue delphiniums represent loyalty and devotion. The vibrant red carnations and miniature carnations symbolize deep love and enduring admiration. Eucalyptus leaves add a touch of freshness and fragrance, intertwining with the blossoms to create a harmonious composition.

As each stem is carefully placed, a tapestry of colors and textures emerges, weaving a poignant story of honor and remembrance. This all-American spray encapsulates the spirit of unity, strength, and resilience, paying homage to those who have made great sacrifices.

It is in moments like these that the power of flowers shines brightest. They speak a language of their own, offering solace and comfort when words fail to convey the depth of our emotions. This remarkable spray serves as a visual testament to the profound impact left by the departed, a reminder of their lasting legacy.

Standing as a beacon of beauty and reverence, this extraordinary free-standing spray is a testament to the love and admiration held for the one we have lost. It is a fitting tribute, radiating with the spirit of patriotism and profound gratitude. Let its captivating presence serve as a comforting embrace during a time of great sorrow and as a poignant reminder of a life cherished and celebrated.

In honoring a great loss, we find solace in the enduring beauty of nature and the power of collective remembrance. May this remarkable free-standing spray bring solace to those grieving, and may it stand as a symbol of eternal gratitude and undying love.

(Note: The arrangement may vary slightly from the image shown, as it is handcrafted with the freshest flowers available. Rest assured, the overall aesthetic and essence of the design will be faithfully preserved.)

Approximately 27" W x 42" H

Standard as shown. Deluxe & Premium choices are enhancement from the Standard choice. Upgrade includes adding more fresh flowers and/or more expensive flowers. Also depending on design, a larger size container may be used.

Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your arrangement due to the availability of certain flowers at certain times of the year. See our substitution policy

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